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Gateway to the World

5th Photo Set

USS Houston
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Cruising past the San Jacinto battlefield in 1930, the USS Houston was making its maidan voyage to the city it was named for. The ship was sunk in 1942 and over 70 million was raised by Houston citizens to replace it. Over 1000 men signed up in one day on Main Street in a symbolic gesture to replace the lost crew.

Pierce Junction Oil Derrick Floor
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The Pierce Junction field was the closest oilfield to Houston during the 1920’s and 30’s. Oil was first discovered there in 1906 but it would take another 15 years before a major strike was made. Texaco founder Joseph Cullinan was one of the men who would benefit greatly drilling in the Pierce Junction field during the strike of 1921. The image below is a classic example of the old wooden oil derricks used in the drilling for oil. The Pierce Junction field could be seen looking south from the rooftop of the Warwick hotel.

The Next Oil Barons
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These two young Wildcatters are dreaming of becoming a Texas Oil tycoon. The photo was made for the Hughes Tool Company that ran in the Oil and Gas Jounal in 1928.

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