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Inarticulate Paradise - Exhibition featuring David Hacker

Opens October 30, 2021

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Out of This World GALA

The Alta Arts presents the inaugural Out of this World Gala and Preview in support of interdisciplinary arts programming and arts education to benefit the greater Houston cultural community.

Be among the first to step into Alta Arts and view an energizing, expressive and abstract exhibition featuring the work of renowned artist David Hacker.

Current Exhibition

The exhibition features paintings and sculpture by three Houston artists whose work focuses on the built landscape. Bill Willis, Charis Ammon, and Jacob Villalobos each address different overlooked, yet ubiquitous facets of cities and infrastructure. Their work reconsiders our relationship with nature, and questions the way in which we build and form our world around us.

About Alta Arts

Muzze art & history museum is committed to producing distinctive exhibitions and public programming on historical contemporary Japanese and Asian art.

The Alta Arts is an interdisciplinary art center dedicated to creating variegated and dynamic programming that engages our diverse communities and provides opportunities for artists, performers, students and more. Founded in 2020, the organization occupies the former studio of famed Houston architect Victor A. Lundy.

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Gallery Talk

STRATUM 2021 Artist Talk

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm / The Alta Arts

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Houston is home to a variety of densely populated and diverse neighborhoods – many lacking a dedicated area or program devoted to the appreciation of the cultural arts and architecture. Alta Arts mission is to enhance a region of scarcity by elevating opportunities for a wide variety of performance and visual artists/architects to showcase their works as well as educate the general public. See how you can help contribute to our mission. 

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